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"UNRIVALED" Finger Sleeves Ten Pack

"UNRIVALED" Finger Sleeves Ten Pack

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High-quality conductive fiber material, avoid operational errors, anti-slip, anti-fall, anti-fingerprint, 0.3mm, soft, light, breathable, anywhere, anytime. 

These are longer than V1

2 Finger Sleeves for each package.

20 Finger Sleeves = Ten Packages

SXC finger sleeves have a special formula with a high-density of Carbon Fiber weave that's incredibly thin! They were made with an 18 needle machine to make them very light and thin. It's breathable and very tight! It's all about precision sticking for a very seamless feel! SXC Finger Sleeve decreases errors. It reduces friction on the screens and ensures touch sensitivity, letting you into an impressive good quality gaming experience.


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